Jim, Robin and Joanne - November 7-9, 2006

Argentina has a number of ranches or Estancias that guests may visit for the day or overnight. This year we stayed for two nights at Estancia Candelaria about 120 miles south west of the city. The main building, built as a three story Romanesque style castle, was designed by French architect Alberto Favre. The current owners now raise award-winning polo ponies and on weekends hold polo matches for their guests.

[Estancia Candelaria] [Entrance hall] [Lobby from second floor]

Joanne and Jim ventured out on horseback with the help of a young guide, Roberto.

[Joanne mounting horse] [Jim with Roberto] [Jim with Robert] [Off to the races]

Later we viewed a new colt with its mother, a prize polo pony. The highlight of each day was the marvaelous meals in the Estancia Restaurant. The first evening we were served traditional beef, but the second evening we were served a delightful stuffed pork. Our two days gave us a quiet interlude from the busy city, but we were glad to return.

[Polo mare and colt] [Estancia restaurant] [Stuffed pork]

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