Jim and Robin - October 21 - November 19, 2006

The Palermo section of Buenos Aires contains many parks, including a botanical garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, a zoo, museums and many embassies and consulate offices. We began our walking tour at the Botanical Gardens on busy Sante Fe Avenue, one of the main routes leading from downtown to the suburbs.

[Botanitcal Garden Fountain] [Greenhouse] [Robin at Romulus and Remus Statue]

Across the street was the Buenos Aires Zoo, also built at the turn of the century. It's colorful buildings are as appealing as the many animals themselves.

[Flamingos at the Zoo] [Giraffe Pavilion] [Aviary] [Carousel]

The Rose Gardens are among the most magnificent gardens in the city, with new spring blooms in brilliant hues. Many new experimental roses are begun here by a local horticultural group.

[Rose Gardens] [Jim at Entrance] [Red and white rose beds]

[Robin and roses] [White roses] [Victorian Bridge Entrance]

Other speciality gardens in Palermo are the tranquil Japanese Gardens. We ate lunch in the Pavilion and began our tour through the restful gardens close to expensive condos, apartments and embassies, such as the American Embassy.

[Japanese Gardens Pavilion] [Lake, gardens and bridge] [Jim & Robin on bridge]

[School kids on bridge] [Robin and cherry blossoms] [nearby American Embassy]

An ongoing art exhibit of large plastic hearts was found throughout the center of the city in Plaza San Martin and other public places. We posed with several of our favorites.

[Heart display in Plaza San Martin] [Robin with Film Stills Heart] [Jim Dove Heart]

[Tango Dancers Heart] [Robin with Heart Patch] [Jeweled Heart at Alvear Palace Hotel]

An outing mid week to the historic barrio of San Telmo took us first to the annual Designer's Showcase set up in the Palacio Lezama, a one time cookie factory, now being converted to artist's lofts, offices and a market. Then it was on to the historic Plaza Dorrego where we lunched and watched the passing parade. Much less hectic than the busy Sunday Flea Market when one can barely move through the crowds.

[Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo] [Dancers in the Plaza Dorrego] [Artist Stalls in the Plaza Dorrego]

One of our last days in the city, our friends Carlos and Betty showed us an amazing Bookstore built in an old movie palace. We were also invited to their home on busy Avenue Sante Fe in a beautiful turn of the century apartment house. Here we met some of their delightful friend, all "Porteņos" (Buenos Aires residents).

[El Athena Bookstore] [Carlos & Betty's Apartment Building] [Carlos & Betty's Apartment Entrance]

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